ENGL 1302 Annotated Bibliography Assignment

  • ENGL 1302 Annotated Bibliography Assignment
    For this assignment, you’ll compile a list of sources that discuss varying perspectives and approaches to the social, political, or ethical problem you choose to write about this term. For each source, you’ll include an MLA-formatted Works Cited entry, then two fully-developed paragraphs discussing that particular source.
    The first paragraph will be a summary of the source, including at least one quote you’ve taken from the source that you think represents the thesis, or main point, of that source. That paragraph should also include a description of the evidence or details the author uses to support that point.
    The second paragraph should be an evaluation of that source’s reliability and credibility, using the information from our Norton textbook and the class discussion covering the CRAAP test. Consider purpose, audience, and overall effectiveness in this evaluation.
    You need to find at least SEVEN sources, according to the following guidelines:

    • At least three articles taken from academic journals housed in our library’s databases
    • No more than two sources drawn from the internet at large (News sites, blogs, etc.)
    • At least one hard-copy source from our on-campus library
    • At least one multi-media source—podcast, video, documentary, etc
    • Then, at the end of the document, you’ll include a Critical Assessment of your collected sources, in which you discuss them as a whole. Things to consider:
    • To what conclusions do your collected sources as a whole lead?
    • Was anything new, surprising, or interesting?
    • What do your sources say about the importance of your topic?
    • What do your sources say about the currency or relevance of your topic?
    • What do your sources teach about the problem you’re exploring?
    • The final document must be formatted according to MLA guidelines, including in-text citations and bibliographical documentation. The Critical Assessment will necessarily span 750-1000 words—any shorter and you won’t have developed your ideas thoroughly enough, but any longer means you are probably trying to do too much. Your submission must be your own work, created originally for this assignment, otherwise normal rules for plagiarism will apply.
  • AssignmentPreliminary Annotated Bibliography EntriesFor this assignment, you’ll begin the Annotated Bibliography assignment (for which the instructions can be found above) by completing FOUR (4) of the annotated entries required for the assignment.
    Draw your sources from the Preliminary List of Sources assignment from last week, and then complete the Summary and Evaluation paragraphs for each of those sources.
    Submit those four sources in a single, MLA-formatted .docx here, and use the feedback I give you to guide the rest of your efforts.

    Olson 1

    Jessica Ann Olson

    Professor Wright

    English 101, Section 2

    29 September 2008

    Annotated Bibliography on Global Warming

    Gore, Al. An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global

    Warming and What We Can Do about It. Rodale, 2006. This

    publication, which is based on Gore’s slide show on global

    warming, stresses the urgency of the global warming crisis. It

    centers on how the atmosphere is very thin and how

    greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are making it

    thicker. The thicker atmosphere traps more infrared

    radiation, causing warming of the Earth. Gore argues that

    carbon dioxide, which is created by burning fossil fuels,

    cutting down forests, and producing cement, accounts for

    eighty percent of greenhouse gas emissions. He includes

    several examples of problems caused by global warming.

    Penguins and polar bears are at risk because the glaciers they

    call home are quickly melting. Coral reefs are being bleached

    and destroyed when their inhabitants overheat and leave.

    Global warming is now affecting people’s lives as well. For

    example, the highways in Alaska are only frozen enough to

    be driven on fewer than eighty days of the year. In China and

    elsewhere, record-setting floods and droughts are taking

    place. Hurricanes are on the rise. This source’s goal is to

    inform its audience about the ongoing global warming crisis

    and to inspire change across the world. It is useful because it

    Olson 2

    relies on scientific data that can be referred to easily and it

    provides a solid foundation for me to build on. For example,

    it explains how carbon dioxide is produced and how it is

    currently affecting plants and animals. This evidence could

    potentially help my research on how humans are biologically

    affected by global warming. It will also help me structure my

    essay, using its general information to lead into the specifics

    of my topic. For example, I could introduce the issue by

    explaining the thinness of the atmosphere and the effect of

    greenhouse gases, then focus on carbon dioxide and its

    effects on organisms.

    Parmesan, Camille, and Hector Galbraith. “Executive Summary.”

    Observed Impacts of Global Climate Change in the U.S., Pew

    Center on Global Climate Change, Nov. 2004, www.c2es.org/

    docUploads/final_ObsImpact.pdf. Accessed 17 Jan. 2007. This

    report summarizes recent scientific findings that document

    the impact changes in the climate have had on the

    distribution of plants and animals in the United States and

    on how they interact within their communities. For example,

    it explains how a shift has taken place in the blooming

    period for plants and the breeding period for animals caused

    by global warming. Because of changes in their geographic

    range, species may interact differently, possibly resulting in

    population declines. For example, the red fox is now found in

    areas dominated by the arctic fox and is threatening its

    survival. The report stresses that such shifts can harm the

    Olson 3

    world’s biodiversity. Plants and animals that are rare now

    face extinction. The annual cycle of carbon dioxide levels in

    the atmosphere has also changed, largely due to the

    lengthening of the growing season, affecting basic ecosystem

    processes. I did not find this report as helpful as other

    sources because its information is based only on

    observations made in the United States. The information

    appears reliable, though, because it is based on scientific

    evidence. This essay will be helpful to my essay because it

    focuses on how plants and animals are currently affected,

    such as their shifting communities and how they are

    clashing. I could use this to explain human changes by

    providing evidence of what is happening to other species.

    This source will not be as helpful in explaining the climate’s

    effects on human biological function in particular, but it will

    provide some framework. For example, I could explain how

    the plants that help convert carbon dioxide into oxygen are

    being harmed and relate that to how the humans will suffer

    the consequences.

    “Annotated Bibliography on Global Warming.” Reprinted by permission of the author.

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