Effective Presentation Skills Training, Powerpoint presentation help

Effective Presentation Skills Training 15-20 slides with speaker notes see attached instructions

Please follow these PowerPoint rules:

I thought everyone would appreciate some pointers for your final PowerPoint presentation.

Remember to include graphics—this always enhances any presentation.

Don’t forgot your References! (Usually the last slide after wrapping it up.)

Start with an intro slide—–end with a conclusion/summary slide—then references.

Use the 5 x 5 rule—-no more than five words per line—-no more than five lines per slide—keep it simple like an outline.

Always remember, your actual PowerPoint should complement your presentation—not take it over.

Use at least size 24 font—remember, the presentation looks much different to your audience from on your desktop (here).

Remember to include detailed speaker notes.

***Your intro slide and references slide do not count toward the required number of slides.

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