Drafting Militants, writing homework help

I need a 5 paragraph essay, with each paragraph 5 sentences long, or longer. Essay must be 500-750 words in total length.

This essay must be written in the 3rd person point of view using he/she/it/they… pronouns. It must not contain any you/your pronouns…nor any I/me/my/we/our/us pronouns

Below are the exact specifications I require for this assignment

The Essay requires a full five paragraph essay response. Introductory paragraph must end in a thesis statement that declares position. All paragraphs must be developed to 5 or more sentences in length. Third person point of view pronouns (he/she/it/they) only.Make sure your 5th paragraph includes a conclusion that ties into your thesis statement (1st paragraph). Do not use any sourced material for this essay, as that will result in an automatic fai: come up with essay from your own thought/imagination.

The topic of essay will be discussed and agreed upon immediately after the assignment is awarded to bidder.

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