Distinguishes current HRD gaps from systemic (non-HRD) gaps, anticipates HRD needs based on organizational strategy, and anticipates HRD needs due to changes in technology

Case Assignment Instructions

General Instructions Overview

The outcome of this assignment is a written report/research paper

You are to use at least 5 ACADEMIC references to support your paper. Include these in your Reference section.

Read the instructions very carefully. ALSO, open both Grading rubrics (2) and read over them carefully. Prepare an outline using only the headings of “Strategic Application”Rubric #1.  Next, go to the Harvard Publishing website and purchase and download your case. Read it slowly and carefully the first time through. Then, read it again making notes along the way. As you progress through the text material, continue to review the case and start filling in the outline, keeping in mind the case instructions, the ADDIE model and the Rubric requirements. As you start to write your paper, review APA formatting requirements, grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, sentence structure, etc.  Your grade will be based on these rubrics. 

Assignment Details

This course focuses on the models, concepts, and phases of the ADDIE (ADiME) Model of assessing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating a training and development program. This paper is an opportunity to apply the models and concepts to the case study entitled “A.P. Moller – Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives.” The elements of your paper are to be helpful to Moller and Maersk (M&M); to improve their effectiveness through the development of a training program. A suggested way to accomplish this project is to read and become familiar with the case study first. As you learn about the concepts and models in the text, see how they may apply to the situation (case) to most benefit the organization. Do not wait to do all the writing during the last few days before the deadline. So, the idea is — you learn and then you write (apply) the concepts/models to the case. If you do this week to week, writing the paper will be much more manageable.

Using the Training and & HRD Process Model (Figure 1-7 of text, page 27) as the roadmap, you are to develop a Leadership Development training program for the “mission critical” group which is part of the top 120 positions in M&M. Note the text has chapters providing detailed information about each phase of this model. Note that the text model is called ADiME (assessment, design, implementation {also includes development but not framed that way}, and evaluation), which folds in development as part of implementation. For the purposes of this paper, organize the paper around the ADDIE Model (Google it).

 Also note that additional components (Coaching and Performance Management, etc.). These components are in addition to the ones provided in the author’s model (page 27). However the additional components added to the model below are included in other chapters of the text as well.

 The grading rubric uses a slightly different model called ADDIE (assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation). So make sure that when you write your paper that you address the items in the ADDIE grading rubric!

As you write your paper, present the components in the order provided below/ next page. Headings are in bold and these must be included in your paper in the order displayed below. Additionally, APA formatting must be incorporated into the paper. In writing anything you must keep the readers in mind and write in such a way that the reader finds it easy to follow your writing without having to read 2-3 times in an effort to understand what you are trying communicate. You may use headings interspersed within and in addition to the headings (bold-below) that the paper requires.

 After you write the introduction of your paper, you’ll need to include headers corresponding to the grading rubric – assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Certainly, you may have sub headers if that helps the organization of your paper.  The statements below are from the grading rubric. You need to address these ADDIE Model phases as you develop a training program for M&M. These elements are listed below/ next page which include elements from the grading rubric.

General Outline


Distinguishes current HRD gaps from systemic (non-HRD) gaps, anticipates HRD needs based on organizational strategy, and anticipates HRD needs due to changes in technology

Briefly tell how you would conduct an assessment. Then based on the case provide data from the case                          

Design your Proposed Solutions

For example …  strategy, objectives, method (fitted to the training target—skill, knowledge, interpersonal competency, or experiential growth), materials, and media (classroom or technological.) Only use that which is applicable to your proposals.

How Will You Develop Your Solution (above)

Organizes content assets (developed in the design phase) to plan timely and logical delivery of all learning components with proper integration.

How Will You Implement Your Solution

Such as contractor versus in-house facilitator, type of facility, use of technology, equipment, materials, scheduling/sequencing, constraints, and pilot test if feasible.

How Will You Evaluate The Effectiveness of Your Solution

SUGGESTION: use the four Kirkpatrick levels—reactions, learning (retention), behavior (transfer), and organization-level results

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