Discussion: Lawsuits – Mediation – Arbitration anyone?

Business Law

Discussion: Lawsuits – Mediation – Arbitration anyone?

It is practically inevitable that during our lifetimes, we will unfortunately get into one or more situations that will call for legal “action” of some kind.

Car accidents, problems at work, fights with neighbors over property boundaries, contract disputes, etc. are just a few ways that disputes can arise.

When that happens, we need some mechanism to try to resolve those problems.  We have some options:




Litigation (lawsuits)

What experience(s) have you had in your life that created a dispute with someone else?  How did that dispute get resolved ?    Do you have any advice for your classmates, to help them avoid the issues you faced?     (If you have not had such an issue yourself – check in with your friends or family, I am sure you can find someone who has had disputes!)

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