Discussion boar 3


My topic in my lesson plan is:

Target grade: Kindergarten

Subject: Science

Topic: Sorting by Shape and Color

Find an educational podcast related to your topic you are teaching in your lesson plan. Do a google search for Educational Podcasts, Education Podcasts, Math podcasts, etc. Copy and paste the web address where the podcast is located. Explain in a few sentences what the podcast is about. Please listen to the podcast and make sure it is grade appropriate for what you are teaching and also make sure it is appropriate for your students. It is recommended to find these from educational sites rather than just doing a podcast search, because usually many of them are reviewed for content and appropriateness before they are posted Then look at two other podcasts posted from your classmates and comment on their choice of a podcast and state if you found it appropriate for content and grade level and any other comments you would like to make on their choice.

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