Discuss the theory/theories that most closely align with your own experience of development. 

Unit 1 Journal:  Compose a essay style journal for any of the following ideas from Unit 1.  Completed journals should be 3 full pages, typewritten, double spaced, size 12 font in Arial or Times New Roman.  Submit to dropbox folder on D2L in Assignment area under ‘Assessment’ tab.

Credit = 15 points

Topic 1:  Developmental Theories (Ch. 1)


  1.  Discuss the theory/theories that most closely align with your own experience of development.  How does the theory/theories help you understand your own development?  Provide specific and illustrative examples.
  2. How/Why does this theory (theories) of development reflect or represent your own development?  (explain, give  specific examples)
  3. Which theory/theories do you find more challenging to apply or understand?  Why?  Explain.

Topic 2:  Genes and the Environment

  1. Based on the material and activities from Ch. 2 – discuss how you see yourself fitting into the nature v. nurture debate in terms of your own development.  Provide examples that illustrate your response.
  2. Do you lean more toward biological explanations (genetic) or more towards environmental influences (experience, learning, environment)?  Which of your characteristics, behavior, or traits do you see reflected in this debate?  Give some examples and explain your response.
  3. If you see yourself as a combination of both ideas – describe and explain how you see both influences at work in your own development.

Topic 3:  Temperament and Attachment

  1. Based on the results of the Temperament Assessment (given in class), and reflect on your temperament style within the Thomas & Chess Model (in the text).  How do you see yourself fitting into this model?  Explain your response.
  2. Consider yourself in the context of Mary Ainsworth’s attachment model.  How would you base your attachment style based on the model as presented in the text.  Complete the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) through the link provided on D2L.  Share your reflections of the results – do the results reflect what you currently know of yourself and how you function in intimate relationships?  Why or why not?  Explain.
  3. How do you see both your temperament and attachment style interacting together to influence how you respond to people and the environment in different contexts (e.g., home, work, school), or generally (in most settings)?

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