Discuss the principle problems involved in defining employee crime in measuring it scope accurately.

1. Discuss the principle problems involved in defining employee crime in measuring it scope accurately. Which form of employee crime are most harmful and are at least harmful? Identify the main factors that seem to promote a high level of employee crime and the main factors that influence employer response to it.2. How are corporate abuses of power, fraud, and economic exploitation interrelated? Which segment of society seems to bear the largest burden from these forms of corporate crime and which segment things lease vulnerable? Which of these forms of corporate crime concerns of the most, which concerns you the least, and why ? 

APSU – Weekly Research Papers50 points possible
ObservationAreaSuccess Criteria246810
• Cover pageResearch paper cover pageIncludes: Title, StudentName, Class Name,Instructor Name and Date.Criteria are not met – lack of planning is evident.Student meets /demonstrates some criteria.Student meets /demonstrates adequate criteria.Student meets /demonstrates well developed planning.Student demonstrates excellent planning.
• Body of paOrganizatiopernThe paper is one/two (1/2) pages in length, typed, double spaced and is in 12pt font, Times New Roman.Criteria are not met – Paper does meet success criteria.Paper issomewhat organized and managed.Paper is adequately organized and managed.Paper is organized and managedextremely well without gaps.Paper is organized and managedexcellently with student writing always on task.
• Reference pageA minimum of 3 References will be documented on the reference page.Criteria are not met – Paper does meet success criteria.Student has 1 valid reference.Student has 2 valid references.Student has 3 references.Student has 3 references. Each is valid and builds on research learning.
 ContentThe content of the paper is well written and reinforced with direct real-life applications. Minimal copy and paste w/references.Criteria are not met – Paper does meet success criteria.Content issomewhat well written.Content of the paper adequately presented and reinforced.Content is well written with minimal copy and paste.Content is highly relevant. Paper includes real life examples and reinforces research with excellent instructional strategies.
 Student’s ResearchStudent should have researched their topic “indepth” and has a full understanding of the topic.Criteria are not met and no research was conducted.Research was somewhat conducted.Research was minimally conducted.Research was conducted and demonstrated by writing.Research was excellent and is well tied to outcomes.

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