Describe the opportunities that arose from the changing global and societal trends.

Overview: Continue your analysis of the Nike case study. During this phase, you will evaluate global business and societal trends that have occurred over the years for their impact on Nike leadership’s decisions and attitudes. In addition, you will address the competitive challenges presented to the leadership team when they attempted to engage in CSR practices.   

Address the competitive challenges that occurred as a result of the societal and global changes. As with any trends, there are challenges and opportunities. Consider the ways in which changes in the global and societal landscape affected Nike.  Finally, dig a little deeper by considering the implications of these challenges, focusing specifically on the ways in which the leadership team responded to the larger societal and global issues.  

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed in the paper (8 to 10 pages):  

1. Global and Societal Trends 

  •  Identify global and societal trends that affected Nike’s CSR policy.  
  • Describe the evolution of global and societal trends over time.  

2. Changes in Attitudes and Policy  

  • Provide examples of the ways in which the global and societal trends changed attitudes at Nike.
  • Explain how global and societal trends drove changes to policies at Nike.  

3. Response by Nike Leadership to Global and Societal Trends  

  • Describe the opportunities that arose from the changing global and societal trends. 
  •  Explain the challenges presented by the changing global and societal trends.  

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