Describe the collective bargaining process and the importance of it students response

reply to the students response in 150 words and provide 1 reference


 Describe the collective bargaining process and the importance of it students response

 Collective bargaining is when the union is negotiating a contract and they lay out the terms and conditions. It’s defined as a “process that involves the negotiating, drafting, administration, and interpretation of a written agreement between an employer and a union for a specific period of time.” (Rue Ibrahim Byars 2016) The result is a contract that covers wages, hours and other terms and conditions.
Collective bargaining is important because it outlines the expectations of the job for both employers, in regard to wages, compensation, hours, etc, and the employees as far as what is to be expected, job descriptions, and administration of the contract.
I’m currently working under a union contract at the base. I am not in the union but they cover all employees under the contract. I am a contractor but I still have to abide by the union guidelines in regard to work, hours, OT requests, etc. Even the gov workers who have opted out of the union and don’t pay dues have to be represented by the union in a contract, which I think is crazy. A friend of mine was forced into retirement a few years ago because he had a spat with another gov guy. The other guy got the union involved, even though he didn’t pay dues, and the union was forced to represent him first, so they came down on my friend and forced him out!
Rue, L., Byars, L. & Ibrahim, N. (2016). Human Resources Management, 11th Edition. NY: McGraw-Hill. 

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