Describe gender differences in the human skeleton.

Imagine that you have been asked to provide a presentation to a high school biology class. The teacher wants you to address the following topics in your presentation:

the endocrine system,

the skeletal system,

birth control methods,

the human senses, and

gross anatomy of the human brain.

Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following information.

Give examples of endocrine glands, and briefly explain what these glands do.

Explain a negative feedback loop using the thyroid system as an example; provide a visual aid to illustrate the loop (see suggestion below concerning searching for illustrations)

Describe gender differences in the human skeleton.

Identify an antagonistic muscle pair and explain how they work together.

Indicate the mode of action, risks, and efficacy of the following types of birth control:

combination birth control pills,


male condoms, and

Intrauterine devices.

Research STDs in the CSU Online Library:

Open the CSU Online Library link in your student portal.

Under “discovery search,” click the tab for “articles.”

In the keyword search field, type “sexually transmitted disease” (spelled exactly like that).

From the list of available articles that comes up, select one that interests you.

Click on the article link, then click on “PDF full text,” and read the article. (Note: Not all articles will provide the full text; if your choice does not, you will have to select a different article.)

Discuss what you learned about STDs from the article in 1-2 slides in your presentation. Cite the article according to APA guidelines and list it on your references slide.

List and briefly discuss:

each of the general senses and

the special sense.

Use the illustration of the brain below in one of your slides. (To copy and paste: Click on the image and press CTRL-C to copy it. Then, navigate to your slide, place your cursor where you want the illustration to be, and press CTRL-V to paste it on the slide.)

Suggestions for Searching for Illustrations

When looking for illustrations to use, it is suggested that you type the subject into a search engine and click “images.” For your presentation, you are allowed to copy and paste images (being sure to cite and reference them).

However, you are NOT allowed to copy and paste content, such as text, tables, and the like. As much as possible, your presentation needs to be in your own words.

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