Cristopher Columbus: Explorer of the ‘New World’, writing homework help

Suggested length: 900-1100 words.

For this paper, choose a work by an author from our era and country (American, Colonial through the Civil War) that interests you. You need not especially like the work, but you should be interested enough to delve into the work deeply.

Write a short summary of the work, but do not spend the bulk of your paper retelling the story of your work. Keep the summary to refer to as you develop your analysis.

You may use any method you find acceptable to analyze your work. See the links above in this folder, or those in the Course Overview Module on the papers for more details.

Your paper will be evaluated on how well you present your ideas and connect to them work by the use of examples. You should include a Works Cited page for all works you consult and use parenthetical citation for all direct quotes and important facts. Other aspects of writing will also be evaluated: see the Paper Evaluation Sheet for details.


  • Research the background, education, and experience of one of the authors from our text.

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