create thesis statement for final paper, writing homework help

Decide on a topic for your final paper (I’ve attached a list of topic ideas in the Week 7 Content folder). Create the thesis statement you will use in your final paper. Remember, it must be a debatable statement. There are three topics that are not permitted for this assignment, and therefore not permitted for the final paper: 

  • Abortion
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Gun control

Please choose any other topic. 

Make sure and read the document about thesis statements in the week’s content folder because there are samples in that document as to what your thesis statement should look like. 

Your thesis statement should have THREE supporting points, just like the samples. 

This discussion board is worth a higher percentage than any other discussion board. In order for you to have an awesome final paper, it’s imperative that you have an awesome (and accurate) thesis statement.


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