Create a base design about the purpose of our study and what we wanted our project to be actually about. (What we were actually measuring)

I need two easy articles that goes with my research paper. I have to do a group project and everything highlighted in blue is what you need to know in regards to looking for (2) articles. FYI – I can’t use the same articles that are already listed in yellow.

What i’m sending you is what my group members sent me.

Please let me know if you can get the articles to me in a few hours please.

You can use my school’s library website to research articles or google scholar

Class Notes:

    1. Create a base design about the purpose of our study and what we wanted our project to be actually about. (What we were actually measuring)
  1. Make sure we cross referenced our articles to keep from reading each other’s “personal articles”
  1. Lastly, we went over the parts of an APA paper

*Homework: One person from the group has to email the professor with the final study experiment choice along with the entire groups articles choices

Sign-to-Behavior (Group Name?)

Study: Observe entry door for one hour with no sign to see how many participants hold the door for those behind them. Second week place visible sign on door and observe if sign increases behavior. Third week remove sign and observe if behavior has influenced participants.

Observation Area: 1st floor common area, and original front entry door.

Study #2: The process will be the same as the first, instead we would be measuring the use of the handicap button vs. pulling the door.

Observation Area: Main entry door

Building: Aquinas Hall

Observation Days: Tuesday 5:00-6:00

Articles for project (Group)

*These articles are very, very short and to avoid creating any more work than we already have Jesse and I think we should just use these as our common group articles. Unless there are other ideas?

1. Conformity in the Asch Experiment

by Larsen, Knud S

2. Motivational Signage Increases Physical Activity on a College Campus

by Ford, M. Allison; Torok, Donald

3.‘Cycle Thieves, We Are Watching You’: Impact of a Simple Signage Intervention against Bicycle Theft Daniel Nettle, Kenneth Nott, Melissa Bateson

Individual Articles

*These are the articles that we find separately I’m listing them so we don’t end up reading more of the same articles than we already did. We each need 2.


  1. When door holding harms: gender and the consequences of non-normative help

By: Megan K. McCarty and Janice R. Kelly


  1. Signage as a tool for behavioral change: Direct and indirect routes to understand the meaning of a sign

By: Julia Meis and Yoshihisa Kashima

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