Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses professional practice in bioscience.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses professional practice in bioscience. Secondly, working with the professional staff of doctors, I expect to learn from their vast experience. They also have a variety of devices and medical technology such as an X-ray machine all, which I will become proficient at using making me a better future veterinary practitioner.

As an intern at the Burwood hospital, have had to work as part of a team mostly with my fellow intern’s assigned duties by the doctor in charge. One of the first duties we were assigned as interns was to carry out an inventory of the facility. we were divided into two teams of 3 each. One was assigned to the laboratories while the other (mine) was to inventory the equipment in the whole hospital. The first team finished a day before mine but accidentally one of them deleted the data they had collected and they were unable to recover it. I proposed we work together and help them redo their work in time, members of my group were however against the idea since it meant they would have to sacrifice their entire free Saturday to clean up someone else’s mess. I, however, convinced them to agree and assisted the other team for at least half the day. The doctor in charge had given us the Job as a team of six so he was not aware we were divided in two, therefore I knew if we delivered half complete work and blamed the other team it would reflect negatively on the whole team.

However, even after our efforts to help them, their part of the inventory came up short after submission. It turned out that in the hurry to complete the job in time, they had overlooked tens of items, which resulted in the whole inventory inclusive of our part being canceled, and the team was asked to repeat the process under the supervisor of a senior veterinary doctor.

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