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Grade Level/ Subject and Overview of Lesson

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This lesson plan is for the kindergarten student. The class is about eighteen to twenty students. This lesson is to show them the different colors and shapes. This will help them in the future with mathematics and science. The purpose of the lesson is for the student to learn colors and shapes. The teacher will show them eight different flashes cards with the shapes and colors. They will repeat the shape and color on a second time she shows the flashes card and they will help the teacher by saying the shape or color on the flash card. After that, she will play a PowerPoint for them with the same shapes and color they just learned. She will do this lesson for two days 30 minutes per day. On the second day after they finish she will pass a hand out with the shapes they just learned and they need to color the shape the right color. If in the classroom the teacher has a student with special need the teacher or paraprofessional will help them individually to make sure the student understands the lesson.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

  • Students will be tested using a handout with 8 different geometric shapes. Student will need to color and match it with 90% accuracy.
  • Students will get a handout with different 8 shape and color they need to identify. After that they need to cut out the shape and match and paste the shapes on dotted areas with 90% accuracy.

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