Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Medusa: The Ancient Greek Myths. I

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Medusa: The Ancient Greek Myths. It doesn’t matter to an altruist even if he gives to his disadvantage. To him, it is a calling. They are the life’s good-Samaritans, saints or better still the altruistic heroes.

On the other hand, we have self-centered people who, unfortunately, the world over happen to be the majority of the populace. These people are a contrast to the altruist and are referred to as individualistic. These types of people do not care what their friends, neighbors, enemies or even the society at large cares, concerns, worries, needs, wants and desires are. They are a selfless lot who are only minding their own welfare be it their loins or stomach, etc only. They do not care a hoot, they are not willing to spare a second of their time or resources to help someone or the society at large. This could partly be because they never have enough but more on their selfishness. Reflecting on the above understanding, this paper critically examines Medusa from a broad point of view.

Medusa is the subject of a classical Greek myth that still lingers up to today. There exists a myriad of variants to this myth, including one crafted for kids. Most characters and details have been conserved. Medusa was a stunningly beautiful and charming lady who lived in Greece. She was one of three daughters of the Gorgons family, the other daughters being Stheno and Euryale, whos parents were Phorcys and Ceto. Of the three daughters, she was the mortal one.

Athena, who was the Princess of Greece, is the reason behind the current unpleasant visage Medusa is associated with. One version of the myth narrates that Athena walked-in on Medusa lying with Poseidon, the “lord of the seas”, in her shrine (Beth Seelig). This revelation evoked Athena into turning Medusa into an extremely ugly figure such that if anyone looked at her, the onlooker would convert to stone. Her hair was turned into serpentine locks. Medusa was rendered to roam in the dark edges of the world. The&nbsp.then king of Greece, King Polydectes of Seriphos sent Perseus on a daring conquest to decapitate and fetch Medusas head.&nbsp.

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