Cocaine and its effects

Cocaine and its effects

Long-term cocaine user is confronted by his former college roommate, who is shocked to observe some significant changes in his old friend. Instead of being outgoing and curious, his friend seems sullen and suspicious. The roommate suggests the addict seek help for his addiction. During the course of the conversation, the addict uncharacteristically becomes very suspicious and aggressive, accusing his friend of wanting him out of the way so that he can take all his money. Later that evening, the addict takes a large amount of cocaine and begins to have difficulty breathing. Although the roommate calls an ambulance, the addict continues in respiratory distress and starts having convulsions. He dies a short time later of cardiac arrest.

Given what you understand about the functions of the brain, list several brain areas that could be involved in the behaviors/experiences of the cocaine addict. Make sure you are explicit about which brain areas are responsible for which behaviors.

List two major neurotransmitters and explain their interactive effects with cocaine. In 200 words 

                                   Part 2

and  write 100 words in like a comment to the 200 words discussions

in total 300 wordsHide 

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