Can you identify any possible signs of domestic violence from this initial session?

You are conducting an initial family counseling session with the Robertsons. The family includes Dan Robertson (the father), Marie Robertson (the mother), and Peter Robinson (the 10-year-old son). The family has been referred to you for counseling. Dan is an alcoholic as well as a drug addict. His substance abuse has contributed to many family problems. You notice in the session that the only person talking is Dan. You also notice that when you encourage Peter and Marie to speak, they look at Dan prior to responding. Dan often interrupts and speaks for them.

Answer the following questions in 400-600 words:

  • Can you identify any possible signs of domestic violence from this initial session?
  • What subjective and objective measures would you take to identify whether domestic violence is occurring?
  • Describe the prevention methods that you would implement if domestic violence is not occurring, although you suspect that it could be.
  • Describe the interventions that you would implement if you confirm that domestic violence is occurring.

400-600 works

EDUC 742

School-Community Demographic Study Instructions

The School-Community Demographic Study is the first part of the Benchmark Assignment: Community Resources Alignment Project.

The assignment is divided into four parts for submission. All four parts will be submitted through SafeAssign in Blackboard in the appropriate modules/weeks. You will also submit the School-Community Demographic Study with the other components of this assignment in Module/Week 8 through LiveText.

This is a research project to gather the demographic statistics, analyze those data, and explain the related implications of those data on the school and community. Following are the explanations of those parts:

  1. Demographic Data Report: Gather demographic statistics for both the school and the surrounding community. The school information is usually available from the school itself or the district office. The chamber of commerce or a local government agency should be able to supply the community data. This is to be reported in chart or graph form and must include the following: race/ethnicity, language, age, gender, income/socioeconomic status, religion, educational attainment, and unemployment rate. Report the school data separately from the community data. If some data are not available, simply report those categories as “N/A.” Cite the sources of your data.
  2. Demographic Data Analysis: Complete an analysis in narrative form, highlighting significant findings and comparing the school and community data.
  3. Implications: Explain the implications drawn from this information for understanding the school context and addressing the needs of students and their families.

This study must be 5–8 pages not including a title page, abstract, and reference page with at least two references (published within 8 years) in current APA format. This assignment must be submitted through SafeAssign in Blackboard.

This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 3.

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