business strategy

1)  You have been charged by your CEO to outline the key guidelines of what you believe an appropriate incentive system and rewards program, tied to your Company’s strategy, should look like?  Discuss the importance of each attribute you suggest, and also how your recommendation does directly relate to key aspects of your Company’s strategy….or needed strategy as you see it.  Yes, relate this question to your actual Company / Organization, as you believe things to be.  And also discuss how deep it should go in the organization, and why?

2)  The text devotes an entire Chapter to Corporate Culture.  Using your Company as the basis for your answer, identify the Key Features of your Company’s culture, and what additional Features do you believe should be incorporated or developed, and what outcome would you expect for the Company, if they were added.

3)  You have been asked by your CEO to make a recommendation for a strategy for RELATED DIVERSIFICATION for your current actual Company.  You agree that this is the best route.  But your CEO is also tempted to go the route of UNRELATED DIVERSIFICATION.  You believe that the latter route, UNRELATED DIVERSIFICATION, is not the best route for your actual Company.  What positions do you advance to convince the CEO to stay with the path of RELATED DIVERSIFICATION?  And assure that he understands why your recommendation fits best with your Company?

4)  Sustainability deals essentially in three distinct realms, or platforms if you wish.  Discuss your own Company’s business practices in these three areas, and where you believe your Company can accelerate its efforts.  Why should the Company do this, and what business upsides and /or other upsides would you envision if this thrust is executed well in your Company.  If your Company is not underway with a Sustainability initiative, state the case why the Company should be, where it should focus and why, and also what business upsides and / or other upsides would you envision, if you were to embark and successfully execute?

SPECIAL NOTE as pertaining to questions 1, 2, 3 and 4:

 If you work in an organization far afield from a business / Company, then please identify and choose a real company of your liking, and answer from the perspective of what you would EXPECT to see in that company as it relates to the questions above.  Make sure you touch on all the points noted in the question.  I am aware this may apply to one or two of you in this situation.  Be specific and tell me what Company you have chosen.  Stay with that same Company for questions 1,2, 3, and 4 if you are in this situation. 

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