Brief History of Basketball in the United States Society Research Paper

Assignment Paper #1: For this paper the student will choose a specific sport e.g. tennis, basketball, swimming, soccer, and write a brief history of that particular sport in American society.

Assignment Focus: The papershould consist of 4-5 pages of double spaced, typed pages and should follow APA styles.

Additionally, this assignment will help you develop your information literacy skills. You will inquire on issues such as the following: Why is it important to learn about this topic? Which methods best express your interest in analyzing the history of this sport in America? What do you think your conclusion might be, such as the following: “How important is basketball to African American youth in urban neighborhoods?” Or, “What sports serves the elderly best?” You will hand in a list of resources you may use for this paper. You can choose from academic sports journals, books, or web social media sources. Due on canvas, on the date that is stated in the syllabus. Your paper will be graded on the following criteria: – Clear and accurate citations for the journals and sites you chose – Appropriate choice of journals and sites – Rational and well-balanced.

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