Botanical Expedition, research paper help

i need total 6 pages.

I have notes and an abstract as well to provide.

I have the introduction, conclusion and first paragraph done. I just need 3 more paragraphs.

Also, I have a list of plants that need to be interpreted into the paragraphs. On the list there is the species name and the habitat it belongs to, those need to be mentioned and talked about a little in the paragraphs.

One separate paragraph needs to talk about my specie which is Pinus Lambertiana – Sugar pine

So basically, the first paragraph (riparian) i have, i need you to add the species, and a couple more sentences, like wise for the second paragraph (chaparral). You need to write about the foothill woodlands (the species included), mixed conifer/sequoia (the species included), pinus lamertiana (paper included for the requirements for this paragraph).

The first page with all the requirements should tell you what needs to be included in the paragraphs.

6 pages please!

i need A++ quality work please

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