Automation of 2 different Excel Worksheets Help

1. I need help I have 2 excel worksheets a (life critical safety audit) macro enabled worksheet.xlsm and a (tracking form) excel binary worksheet.xlbs. I need to connect them.

2 When the safety audit is filled out and sumbitted I need it to transfer the (raw data) to the tracking sheet and summarize all the data as the tracking sheet has. Once the sheet is submitted it will automatically clear the data entered and be ready to enter another audit. 

3. I need a how to guide (a step by step guide) on how to connect to worksheet and have it automatically transfer the data from the audit sheet to the tracking sheet. How to automate excel sheets to one another with the click of the submit button. 

I have the macro codes on the audit form but there is something I am missing, its not connecting to the tracking sheet. 

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