Assignment: Perspectives on Diversity and Culture

Assignment: Perspectives on Diversity and Culture

This week, you have an opportunity to use that method and ask other people what they think about diversity and culture. You can then blog about the answers you received as well as your new insights.

For this assignment:

Call, write to, or talk to at least three friends, family members, acquaintances, and/or colleagues. Include at least one person who you believe is in some ways culturally different from you (a different gender, race, class, religion, abilities, age, etc.).

Ask each person to share:

Their definition of culture

Their definition of diversity

Then reflect on the answers you received and ask yourself:

Which aspects of culture and diversity that I have studied in this course are included in the answers I received—and what are some examples?

Which aspects have been omitted—and what are some examples of such omission?

In what ways has thinking about other people’s definitions of culture and diversity influenced my own thinking about these topics?

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