assignment 4, insect design

Assignment 4: Insect Design

Create your own arthropod or arthropod-inspired product by drawing from your knowledge and understanding of arthropod biology and behavior.

  1. Watch videos:
  2. Read article:
  3. Download, open, and read documents:
  4. Save Storyboard Template to your computer. Work directly on this document. Print it out, draw on it, and then scan and save it to your computer to upload under Assignment Submission: Insect Design before deadline.


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  2. Full, Robert. “The Secrets of Nature’s Grossest Creatures, Channeled into Robots.” Robert Full:. N.p., Mar. 2014. Web.
  3. Herkewitz, William. “This Tiny Bug Has a Gear in Its Leg.” Popular Mechanics. N.p., 12 Sept. 2013. Web.

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