Areas of Responsibility for Health Educators, health and medicine homework help

Assignment Overview

This assignment relates to the following Areas of Responsibility for Health Educators:

Area of Responsibility I: Assess Individual and Community Needs for Health Education; specifically, being able to use computerized sources of health related information.

Area of Responsibility VI: Serve as a Health Education Resource Person; specifically, the ability to access and use health-related information resources, and employ electronic technology for retrieving references.

Area of Responsibility VII: Communicate and Advocate for Health and Health Education; specifically, the ability to analyze factors (e.g., social, cultural, demographic, and political) that influence decision makers; and use oral, electronic, and written techniques for communicating health education information.

Case Assignment

As a new health educator, you have just been asked to write an article for your health department’s newsletter. The article should be about the transition from disease prevention to health promotion, with a focus on determinants of health.

write a paper that addresses these points:

  • Discuss why the Ottawa Charter and The Jakarta Declaration are important turning points in the transition from disease prevention to health promotion.
  • What are determinants of health? How do they influence health? Please provide at least 3 examples.
  • How are determinants of health being addressed in Healthy People 2020?

Required Readings

Department of Health and Human Services (2010). Determinants of health. 
Healthy People 2020. Retrieved April 1, 2013 from
Please watch the 5-minute video linked on the right side of this HP2020 page.

World Health Organization [WHO] (1997). The Jakarta Declaration on Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century. Retrieved April 1, 2013 from

World Health Organization [WHO] (1986). Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. Retrieved April 1, 2013 from

This paper HAS to be in apa format with a reference page the references MUST be cited into the paper ONLY 2-3 times AND PLEASE INCLUDE LINKS WITH THE REFERENCES You HAVE TO READ THE REQUIRED READING AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. I have read it myself and I know what everything IT is saying so please dont make up things as you go along i will know I have had these things done in the past. 



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