answer each question separately

Each response should be about half a page, double spaced in 12point font. All entries must be submitted either on or before the due date listed on the syllabus.

#1 – How would you say society is affected by ethnic diversity? Explain in detail, using at least four specific examples.

#2 – Consider both the positive and negative effects of belonging to a community. What pressures are exerted on individuals by communities? Think about a community that you or a friend has experienced. How does this community describe itself, and is the description consistent with the way outsiders would describe it?

#3 –When it comes to punishment for criminals, how often do you feel the offenders get what they deserve? Do you notice disparities within the criminal justice system that concern you? If so, what specifically do you find bothersome?

#4 – Read “Eulogy of the Dog” (p. 344-345). Answer both critical thinking questions that follow.

#5 – “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”: Based on the images of men and women that you carry in your mind, who has it better – men or women? Why?

#6 – Read “Mid Term Break” by Seamus Heaney (399). Answer both critical thinking questions that follow.

#7 – What do people mean when they talk about power? Focus on a particular context (state government, family, school, or community).Who has power and who does not – and why? Is power related to money? To respect?

#8 – Read “Richard Cory” on p. 142. Do you feel the poem speaks to America’s obsession with celebrity culture? Can you identify a modern-day Richard Cory and compare/contrast that celebrity’s plight with Cory’s struggles?

#9 – Pick one reading from the semester that you liked or that spoke to you. Tell me what it said.

#10 – Pick one reading from the semester that you disliked intensely. Tell me why.

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