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minimum of 5 peer reviewed research articles pertinent to your topic.

You are to use only journal articles available from the online databases (which are extensive), and not editorials, news items, commentary, or opinion pieces. You must use research based articles which will generally include one or more of the following elements: an abstract, a literature review, methods, sample, findings, and a short discussion. You can also use other literature reviews which are relevant to your topic. Both kinds of articles will be found in the professional literature. Periodicals such as Time Magazine, newspapers of any kind, and websites will NOT count toward the required number of sources although you can use them as supporting references. It is important to remember these guidelines.

For this assignment you will complete the Bibliography Grid by filling out all the required information for each of your articles in your own words. Don’t just cut and paste information from the article or other sources. It is important for you to understand the article. It is acceptable if some of the statistics are arcane or beyond your statistical expertise. However, you must know what the authors were trying to accomplish, the method they used, the results, and to make an informed judgment as to the viability of their project.

For your assignment, you will need to copy and paste a new section of the grid for each of your articles into one document. You will then fill out the form, in as much detail as possible, for each article but remember all five forms will be in one document. These are articles about, or related to, your topic. Choose carefully since these articles must be used in your final paper.

Article Attachments are available below

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