Annotated Bibliography for Research, writing homework help

Unit 7 Research Paper Part 2: Annotated Bibliography for Research Paper 

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes 
 Create an annotated bibliography of sources. 
 Locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources, including the 
ITT Tech Virtual Library. 

Assignment Requirements 
Your task is to write annotations for two sources for your research paper and create an annotated 
bibliography for those sources. The annotated bibliography must: 
 Contain the APA citation and summary of each source. 
 Indicate whether the source will be useful for your research paper. 
 Be alphabetized and organized by the last name of the author of the source. 

Due Week 8: 2 annotated sources provided by me 

Required Resources 
Research Diary Writing Today, Chapter 25 

Submission Requirements 
Upload your Annotated Bibliography into your drop box folder in a file titled R-PaperAnotBib 

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