Affinity Diagram and Root Cause Analysis


The purpose of this assignment is to identify an organizational problem to solve within your current workplace or industry and use an affinity diagram to brainstorm the root causes of the organizational problem and potential solutions for addressing it.


You will use an  attached template 

For this assignment, as well as online mapping mind resources mentioned below. 


 the first step is to identify an organizational problem to solve within your current workplace or industry. This is an opportunity for you to apply your learning while addressing a real-world problem.


Note to potential writer: ( If possible think of a problem within a school or teaching or education during the pandemic)   If not comfrotable with that you can come up with your own problem for this assignemnt. 


 After you have identified a possible organizational problem, complete the “Brainstorming With an Affinity Diagram” resource to help you narrow and specify the root cause for the problem.


 Completing the affinity diagram will not only help you identify the root causes for the problem but also to determine the scope of influence you can have in reaching a potential solution. Keep in mind that this exercise is meant to identify a viable solution within the scope of influence in which you are directly involved and will ultimately allow you to be an agent of change.


Complete the affinity diagram action steps outlined in the “Brainstorming With an Affinity Diagram” resource, including the Five Whys Root Cause Analysis section. 


This can be done using online mind mapping resources like those found in the study materials, by using post-it notes, or through the use of Excel or Word documents and tables. IIwill provide files for ideas for you to use).


 When constructing the affinity diagram, be sure to complete all six steps described on the resource. You will reference these root causes again within your final business proposal in Topic 8.


Submit both the affinity diagram and the five whys root cause analysis to your instructor.  

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. 


Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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