advertising plan 217

For this assignment you will create an advertising plan, only for the topics listed. The length of each topic will be listed.

Use size 12 font, double space and use proper grammar and spelling throughout the paper. No plagiarism, the Professor will check. Only original work.

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The advertising plan will be on: Grant Park Music Festival –

  1. Advertising Objective and Target Market – 1.5 pages

    1. Market segmentation and the marketing mix

      1. Define market segmentation and describe its purposes

      2. Explain the target marketing process

      3. Show how IMC is used with the product element in marketing

      4. Illustrate how IMC is used with the price element in marketing

      5. Review how IMC is used with the place element in marketing

      6. Discuss how IMC is used with the communication element in marketing

    2. Planning media strategy: disseminating the message

      1. Describe how a media plan helps accomplish a company’s marketing and advertising objectives

      2. Explain the importance of creativity in media planning

      3. Define reach and frequency and debate the controversy surrounding the concept of effective frequency.

      4. Discuss how reach, frequency, and continuity are related

      5. Calculate gross rating points and cost per thousand

      6. Name some of the secondary research sources available to planners and describe how they are used

      7. Describe different types of advertising schedules and the purpose for each

  2. One radio or video commercial – 1 page

    1. Using electronic media: television and radio

      1. Describe the advantages and drawbacks of broadcast television as an advertising medium.

      2. Discuss the advantages and drawbacks of cable television as an advertising medium and explain how it differs from broadcast television

      3. Explain the process of buying cable and broadcast TV time

      4. Evaluate the different types of television advertising available

      5. Describe the process of TV audience measurement

      6. Discuss the main factors to consider when buying television time

      7. Analyze the pros and cons of using radio in the creative mix

      8. Explain the major factors to consider when buying radio time

  3. Promotional Mix Objective (pick 2) – 1.5 pages

    1. Relationship building: direct marketing, personal selling, and sales promotion

      1. Define direct marketing and explain its role in IMC

      2. Distinguish personal selling from other forms of IMC

      3. List the activities that constitute sales promotion, including push and pull tactics, and explain their roles in IMC.

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