Activities 8 the leader’s job is to look at and see the big picture of the organization, writing homework help


Theme #1:  Ultimately, the leader’s job is to look at and see the big picture of the organization. They must keep the company moving toward the vision.  They do this by aligning the people in the organization with the decision making authority needed to complete the vision.  The leader creates a culture within the organization to foster decision making and movement toward change and sustainability.  The leader’s job is a dynamic job that requires vigilance in understanding the people who follow them as well understanding the needs and goals of the organization.  Doing so requires knowledge of the environment in which the organization operates. Lastly, there needs to be an understanding of the potential of the business in the future and how the business can compete.  Since leaders are long term planners, it is necessary to know what constitutes a competitive edge for the company and conveying that information to others is the landscape of the picture the leader paints.  

In week 7, students discussed the unique 21st century challenges a leader faces. Understanding the challenges and using them to create a competitive advantage is the final piece of the leadership puzzle.


Theme #2Reflection is essential for the success of a leader but is even more critical in the 21st century.  Reflection about who is the 21st century leader includes reflecting on self.

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