access assignment 1 in xlsx

Start Access. Open the downloaded Access file named exploring_a01_grader_h1. 0
2 Create a new table in Design view. Add the following field names to the table: PubID, PubName, PubAddress, PubCity, PubState, and PubZIP (in that order). Accept Short Text as the data type for all fields. 12
3 Set the PubID field as the primary key of the new table. Save the table using the name Publishers and then view the table in Datasheet view. 8
4 Add the following records to the Publishers table:

PubID PubName PubAddress PubCity PubState PubZIP
KN Knopf 299 Park Avenue New York NY 10171
BB Bantam Books 1540 Broadway New York NY 10036
PH Pearson/Prentice Hall 1 Lake Street Upper Saddle NJ 07458
SS Simon & Schuster 100 Front Street Riverside NJ 08075

Close the table.

5 Open the Books table and create a new record:
AuthorCode: 15
Title: The Innocence Game
ISBN: 0-307-96125-7
PublDate: 2013
Price: 24.95
StockAmt: 250
6 Sort the records in the Books table by the PublDate field in descending order. Save and close the table. 4
7 Open the Maintain Authors form. In record 2 (for Keith Mulbery, AuthorID 12), add a new title to the subform:
Title: Computer Wisdom III
ISBN: 0-684-80417-5
PubDate: 2014
Price: 32
StockAmt: 42
8 Use the Navigation bar to search for AuthorID 16, and then edit the subform so that the StockAmt is 6 instead of 496 for the book Follow the Stars Home. 8
9 Open the Publishers, Books, and Authors report and check that the report shows three books listing Keith Mulbery as author. View the layout of the report in Print Preview and then print the report. Open the Publishers, Books, and Authors query. Sort the query by the publisher’s name in ascending order. 6
10 Use filter by selection to show only the books by the author whose first name is Steven. 8
11 Sort the query by Title in ascending order. Save and close the query. 6
12 Open the Books table. Use Filter by Form to create a filter that will identify all books published after 2010 with fewer than 100 items in stock. Apply the filter and preview the filtered table. Close the table and save the changes. 12
13 Close all database objects. Close the database and then exit Access. Submit the database as directed.


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