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In the last week, you helped me finish an essay. I received a teacher’s evaluation of this essay. You need to modify the essay based on these reviews, just some minor changes. I will send you all the details, thank you.

This is the teacher’s evaluation :

This paper is in the APA format, NOT MLA, but you must know both, of course, and honestly you will likely use APA more often as you move along in your education note the middle items on the title page would be up on the page about five spaces or so even here in the body I would indent my paragraphs every time One thing I ask you to look at–the last line when you say “he feels that he did the right thing” that is not correct. The whole poem, the reason it exists, is a result of his thoughts that he did not do the right thing–but of course he did what he was supposed to do as a solider–and the man would have killed him of course, but he can not, has not, and will not ever be able to feel that he has done the right thing–that is the whole point of his recollections and feelings, but–it is true that he has good reasons to justify the killing–but he can not do that himself no matter what argument he has. on your references be certain to indent all lines but the first one in every reference. NOTE this is so good and so thorough and much better than most of the others in content and effort, that you deserve the good grade no doubt.

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