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Click on this Link (Links to an external site.) or on this Link (Links to an external site.) to inform yourself generally about Jean Paul Sartre’s seminal work What is Literature + (by skimming through).

I have attached notes from a student Richard L. W. Clarke (for LITS3303) whose active reading renders a wonderful commentary. Observe how Clarke makes interpretative claims and integrates lines from the original text, from Chapter 1 of What’s Literature, entitled “Why Write” (Clarke’s piece is attached to this post).

Write your own response with your observations, quoting Clarke as he quotes Sartre to validate your opinions, and state what you’d learn from reading Clarke’s reading of Sartre’s piece. at least 300 words

😉 Chinese Boxes or Matryoshka Dolls. Enjoy the wondrous eloquence and the original wisdom of this amazing Existentialist philosopher and writer: Jean Paul Sartre.

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