3 discussion questions

  • Determine two (2) approaches of reading people described in Chapter 48 that you can use in order to observe the normal behaviors of the U.S. government contracting officer (negotiator for the U.S. government) prior to the negotiation session. Examine specific benefits of each approach in terms of the non-verbal information that is able to be received. Provide rational in your response. From the e-Activity, choose two (2) ways in which we inadvertently reveal, or “leak,” information about ourselves though our body language. Suggest two (2) tactics that you could use in order to control such “leaking”. Support your response with examples of the suggested tactics in use.

  • Determine at least (2) techniques that enable you to effectively read body language in everyday situations at home or work. Infer at least five (5) key signals that you believe people send with their body. Provide a rationale for your response. Jane, a negotiator for her company, is reviewing a proposed contract. As she is reading the details of the contract, she places her hands on her forehead. Interpret the non-verbal message that you believe Jane is expressing through the placement of her hands in this given situation. Provide rationale for your response.

  • This week’s reading covers the various levels of security prison types (maximum, super max, medium security, minimum security, prison camps/farms, bootcamp). What about privately run prisons like the oneeowned and operated by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)? Are they effective? Take a read of the attached Huffington Post article.Use the internet  and then Post a Pin (1) Identify the closest privately run prison to your city. (2) What is current inmate population of that prison (3) Describe any reported issues or problems with that institution (4) Describe any reported positive new or programs within that institution (4) Provide your opinion on the effectiveness of Privately run prisonnsPrivate prisons are a cancer. Private prisons make money by locking people up, and the more people they lock up for more time, the more …

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