200 words needed.

This course features a debate component within the Discussion Boards. To prepare for the debate topic within this course, click here to view a video that reviews and considers the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends (SWOTT) analysis of a fast-food franchise. Once completed, provide a quick synopsis (100-200 words) with 2-3 points that stand out to you in particular. This video will be the construct by which the Discussion Boards will structure a debate discussion.


Ddd9925. (2013, January 8). McDonald’s SWOT [Video file]. Retrieved from the YouTube Web site:

Other InformationInstructor’s Comments:

Note that your Bio/Introduction is due by Friday. You are free to reuse your BIO/Introduction from a previous course. This is the only assignment that I do not review the OV score.

For your primary posting—Part 2, please copy/paste your response into the DB posting AND attach your APA formatted Microsoft Word document. I will grade your word document and return it with comments and your grade.

Please use APA format including citations in the body of your work and sources in your References section.


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