20 Questions English Composition

1. Which thesis statement offers a strong position for a persuasive paper? (Points : 1)





Question 2.2. The primary purpose of a literature review is to do which of the following? (Points : 1)





Question 3.3. To meet research deadlines, which of the following criteria is MOST useful? (Points : 1)





Question 4.4. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of a thesis? (Points : 1)





Question 5.5. What is the best way to describe the concept of a “community of thinkers”? (Points : 1)





Question 6.6. In order to develop knowledge of a subject, which of the following is NOT considered essential? (Points : 1)





Question 7.7. Researchers prefer a narrow focus and selective research methods for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)





Question 8.8. Research skills are primarily valued for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)





Question 9.9. Which of the following is the BEST definition of small-scale research project? (Points : 1)





Question 10.10. Which of the following is NOT considered a viable criterion for evaluating sources? (Points : 1)





Question 11.11. Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)




Question 12.12. When you contribute to a research conversation, which of the following skills is NOT strictly necessary? (Points : 1)





Question 13.13. Which of the following does NOT describe the credibility of scholarly sources? (Points : 1)





Question 14.14. Using the acronym “BEAM” helps researchers in which of the following ways? (Points : 1)





Question 15.15. Which ONE of the following research purposes offers the best contribution to the field? (Points : 1)





Question 16.16. An annotated bibliography is: (Points : 1)





Question 17.17. When starting your search for peer reviewed scholarly sources, which of the following types of databases is your BEST choice? (Points : 1)





Question 18.18. To assess research needs, a researcher should begin with WHICH ONE of the following elements? (Points : 1)





Question 19.19. When completing your thesis statement, you should have all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)





Question 20.20. Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)




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