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For your written analysis, I want you to intentionally create one “day” of your life using Dr. Dispenza’s model: (Before you begin, please consider how the character Amanda struggled and eventually succeeded in “re-wiring” her thought processes as she proceeded through her day.)

1. After you wake up, settle your mind — go to a quiet place and do some deep breathing!

2. Examine all the things you need to get done on this day — write them down!

3. Intentionally create the way you want your day to go. Visualize yourself going through your day. Visualize your interactions with others and your desired outcome of events and relationships. Do this for at least 5-10 minutes! Remember to write your visualization on paper so you can refer to it at the end of the day.

4. Pay attention to all the “little things” and “surprises” that occur throughout your day.

5. Pay attention to your attitude during the day. Are you keeping with your plan? Are negative thoughts creeping in?

6. Remain steadfast in your intentions for the day! Keep returning to the positive, the intentional plan. Feel how your brain is trying to re-wire itself and/or trying to stay the same. Notice any change in attitudes or feelings at the end of your day.

7. At the end of your day, spend 10 minutes writing down your reflections. Include any empowerment you feel and any incentive you feel to continue to “create” your own days, your own reality.

Type a 1000 word essay reflecting on the day’s events. Double-space your essay and submit it on turnitin via MOODLE!!! Your analysis should focus on your attitudes, goals, revelations, successes and not-so-successes of the day. This is a personal, reflective paper, but please include several references to Amanda’s experiences as you discuss your own (note any similarities with Amanda’s struggles to keep positive!). DO NOT INCLUDE A LISTING OF YOUR DAY’S EVENTS IN YOUR PAPER! Focus on your reflections, reactions and revelations, and compare and contrast them to specific experiences of Amanda!

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