10 pages essay

Hello all

This is a final paper. There are 3 sections and its approximately 10 pages essay.

All the instruction you will need its in the attached files. you have to read who am I part 1 to start writing who am I part 2.

here what I need:

Final paper instruction.docx  

Who am I Part1.docx  – you need to read who am I part 1 to write part 2 – more information is in the instructor attached.

useful instruction to write who am I. part2.JPG 

Johnson article–What can we do.pdf  


I have attached some of the reading and writing we did through the semester to give you an idea of what we have discussed and learn.

7 reading articles.docx  – one of the essay we wrote, you just need to read it.

conversation with homeless..docx  – this was a conversation with someone who is totally different from me.

reflection-log.docx  – this was a serving learning we have to do and write about it

Take a look and let me know.

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