​Psychological Operations Warfare, writing assignment help

10 pages in length not including references and title page…. I will provide few links rest you need to research about the paper

Psychological Operations Warfare (PsyOps), the laws governing it and how PsyOps influences the media.

The outline will be:

1.What is PsyOps; why and when did it begin?

2.How was it used in the past on enemies?

3.What is the history of the law (evolution of the law) regarding PsyOps?

4. At what point did PsyOps begin to be used in the media?

5. What is the most current law regarding PsyOps?

6.How is PsyOps used today in media? (Most recent example is the 2016 U.S. election).

7. Provide other examples.

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