​Paper Three: Feature Article Assignment, writing homework help

Paper Three: Feature Article Assignment 8 pages

Continuing with the theme of rhetorical awareness, this paper will explore a new genre: writing a featured article. The first paper—the Personal Narrative—created room for more creative, personal writing, the second, our Literary Position paper, helped to move toward an analytical, claim-based argument; this paper will help transition you further towards the type of researched writing that will be expected of you in 201 classes next semester. The paper will gear you towards more formal academic writing, which is consciously directed toward a specific audience.

You can choose either a magazine or periodical currently in publication, analyze its content, style, structure, and audience and write your own article mimicking your findings. (These can be either pop culture magazines i.e. Time, Newsweek, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stones—or publications specific to your particular fields of interests—i.e. science, math, sociology, psychology, music). You’ll also need to engage in some research in order to produce a factual article and acquire a credible ethos. Sources, of course, should be documented in MLA format (see your Wadsworth Handbook, or the Purdue Owl website if you have questions).

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