​Functional Assessment Activity, writing homework help

Functional Assessment Activity

Directions: Identify a student or another individual with whom you come into regular contact and conduct a functional assessment of their behavior.

  • Make a chart and write down
    • Setting events
    • Antecedents
    • Behavior
    • Consequences
    • Function of behavior
  • Identify patterns of behavior
  • Conduct an ABC analysis of the behavior

Once completing #’s 1–3, summarize your findings in a summary statement that identifies setting events, antecedents, behaviors, and their functions. For example:

  • When Jack is prompted to stop playing with the computer in the computer area, he is likely to tip over his chair, yell, and then stomp over to his desk and refuse to complete any other assignments.
  • During free time when there is a great deal of stimulation and noise in the classroom, Maria is likely to isolate herself in a corner, rock and hit her head with her fists.

Based on your findings of your ABC analysis, describe how you would intervene given the results of your assessment.

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